Osteoporosis in Milking Cow
By Prof.Dr. Shigeru Yoshida, yosida_sigeru@yahoo.co.jp

Dark spots were the Harversian canals which were engorged with blood
on the surface of mandible bone of Cow No7.
2018. July 3
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振込先 郵便局 記号15140 番号57541321 ヨシダ シゲル

乳から血液へ、そして骨へ、 骨粗鬆症100年の謎

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Osteoporosis in Milking Cow
Biospher Science, 2015, 54, 99-111.
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Chronic Hypomagnesaemia on Bovine Ketosis
Biospher Science, 2016, 55, 31-38.
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T) 低酸度二等乳 畜産の研究 2010・2
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X) Himalaya
[) ヒマラヤ
\) 尾道文化